ZGeo app for Android 4 to 6 is a unique background service which enables you that all the images that you do with your built-in camera add automatically accumulates in the background with location data.

ZGeo is free and contains no advertising and with full functionality!

What can ZGeo

You now do not have to wait for GPS before you make a picture, now that does ZGeo for you in the background and uses sophisticated location - determination on the GPS signal. With ZGeo now all your images with geo data are automatically accumulated and you see now always where you took the pictures, even if you do not have the GPS receiving pictures in places. ZGeo uses to determine location the Wi-Fi and mobile network! Clearly it can’t thereby meter accurately determined but where the image was taken then you have a clue.


* ZGeo used not only GPS but also the mobile network and Wi-Fi network to determine the location.
* As the location is determined you can freely adjust.
* No more pictures without location information.
* Extremely small and optimized app that your Android phone, only battery needed when it comes into action.
* Full functional and that without advertising.

How does it work’s

1. You take a picture with your mobile.
2. ZGeo start automatically in the background and searches for the current location.
3. The location is determined according to your settings and it will, if necessary, also use the location over the cellular and WIFI network.
4. If the location information found ZGeo stored automatically in the JPG Exif.

Please note when you send the photo to someone else, the location information is also in the copies contain and the receiver of the picture can determine the location when you've done it!

Now you can try it, look in Google Play